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        Welcome to Lodge marushige

         This room is in the Nozawa onsen

    With your friends and family・・・

         We hope that you could spend

               a great time in our lodge

The situation around us has largely changed in a year.

However, we still wait for your visit right here in Nozawa Onsen as always.

We hope that you enjoy your stay as you did before with your consideration to others and respect of the rules.



     A new Nagasaka gondola lift is going to start

 We hope it will be a good winter season for all of you!!


Direct booking is the best rate⇨
  2023-24 winter season acceptance start
             From June 20 th         
Please fill in these and sent us an email!!
①name②Number of people③Arrival date(How many nights?)④Country

Countermeasures for COVID-19 infection at the Lodge MARUSHIGE

We take several measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


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