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Countermeasures for COVID-19 infection at the Lodge MARUSHIGE

Thank you for your interest in the Lodge Marushige.

As keeping the guests and our community healthy and safe is our top priority under these challenging conditions, we do our part to help prevent the spread of the virus as follows. 


Guidelines at the Lodge


  • We provide our hospitality with an appropriate distance between guests and staffs.

  • We reduce the number of guests.

  • Hand sanitizers are placed at the entrance and each room.

  • Our facilities and each room are ventilated and sanitized regularly.

  • We monitor the temperature and the health of the staffs everyday.

  • We keep the kitchen sanitized, and use the high temperature dish washer for tableware.

Requests to guests


  • We ask you to provide us your temperature and contact information at check in.

  • We might have to refuse your stay if your temperature is higher than 37.5℃.

     Please do not push yourself if you don’t feel well when you start your trip.

  • Please ware a facial mask in common space.

  • Please sanitize your hands at the entrance everytime you enter the building.

  • You are welcome to bring your own slippers, although we provide ones that are sanitized regularly.

  • Please keep an appropriate distance from other guests.

  • Please inform us in case you are ill during your stay.

     You may need to visit a medical institution and follow their instruction if the symptom of the infection is shown.

     We will place you to an another room in the meantime.



We wish to allow travel for your country and Japan!!

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