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Shabu-shabu              From 2 person      

      Eat hotpot Please have a good time
      Your heart and body will warm

                                     Booking only by the day before  noon

Pork  Shabu-shabu

  (shinsyuu miyuki prok)  ¥2,000(150g)

    soft and very tasty          ¥2,300(200g)                      


 +salad    (include)  +udon

  Yellow Tail Shabu-shabu¥2,000


  +salad  +udon(include)

Mushrooms and chicken cookedrice                         +300yen

  Tuna and hot spring egg-bowl



    Rice is Marushige's Owner made

   『 Nozawa koshihikari』



Please order by morning of the previous day!

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